6.881 Optimization for Machine Learning: Homework Policy

  1. Homeworks must be typeset (e.g., using LaTeX). Handwritten solutions won't be accepted.

  2. Homework policy item 2: Each student is allowed 3 slip-days in total through out the semester. Any late homework beyond the allowed slip-days will not be graded.

  3. zero tolerance for academic dishonesty

  4. You should solve the homework purely by yourself. You are free to consult the internet or to discuss with your classmates, but you must carefully and precisely cite acknowledge any help collaboration that you used.

  5. Do not discuss the homework with people outside this class, and possibly try to work on it purely by yourself. The value of struggling and eventually solving it yourself is immeasurable, and will be a true learning experience. Do not waste this opportunity: if you are taking this course for credit, might as well do it properly.

  6. Almost none of the solutions are long and tedious. If you find your solution becoming tedious, you may consider rethinking.