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              About Me (Suvrit Sra)


The past

Starting from beautiful Shimla, I lived in a variety of cities across three different continents. After following a somewhat non-linear path in academia, I decided to move to MIT and start anew.

Before 2015

Move to MIT

A new chapter begins, actually, a new start of my research life. I join LIDS as a Principal Research Scientist and PI, and start building my research group on Optimization for Machine Learning, and help build the Machine Learning Group.

Jan 2015

Starting a tenure-track position

Three years later, after discovering several algorithms, theorems, and new directions with my amazing students and collaborators (≈ 40 new papers), I accept a tenure track faculty position in the EECS department at MIT. I remain a LIDS PI and also join IDSS as a core member.

Jan 2018

Currently thinking about

Machine learning, optimization, differential geometry, matrix theory, nonconvexity, discrete probability, combinatorics, metric spaces, healthcare-AI, ML in Synthetic Biology, ...

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