Welcome to OPTML++! This is the homepage for our research seminar plus reading group on: Optimization for Machine Learning (the (++) stands for related areas (statistics, signal processing, computer vision, robotics, information theory, among others).

OPTML++ covers topics from convex, nonconvex, continuous and combinatorial optimization. This reading group is a mixture of a research seminar, a journal club, and a problem solving group.


We will start meeting beginning Sep 15, 2016

Next Meeting: 4PM; Location: 32-D677 on Oct 06, 2016.

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Date Topic Links
15 Sep 2016 Introduction, Crash-course in first-order methods, Plans Suvrit
22 Sep 2016 Nonconvex finite-sum problems Suvrit
29 Sep 2016 Generalization, implicit generalization SGD Lorenzo
06 Oct 2016 Gradient descent converges to minimizers Hongyi
13 Oct 2016 Distributed Newton Method Rasul
20 Oct 2016 Fast sampling from strongly Rayleigh measuresChengtao

Papers, grouped for presentation